Instagram Auto Follow

Our Auto Follow feature allows you to follow users automatically based on your own criteria. In addition to following the people that match your interests the most, the feature is also great tool for gaining follow backs.

Search by Hashtags

Find accounts you want to follow using the Hashtags feature in Musejet.

Search by People

Follow your target audience by using People option.

Search by Location

Simplify your search by using Location feature to follow the right people.

Activity Log

Check who your account has followed and other log activities.

Instagram Auto Follow Tool

One of the tools that Musejet offers is the Auto Follow feature. Following manually takes time, but more importantly it limits the number to what you can accomplish alone. That in mind Musejet engineered a system which you can use to set your Instagram account to follow other users based on your set criteria. Auto Follow is an excellent way to follow important people and also gain good follow backs. This feature lets you follow users with various target settings. You can follow by Hashtags, Location and People.

To give you the most convenient experience Musejet allows you to manage your Following speed, Pause time and Auto follow log activity. Your following speed allows you to choose the rate you’ll like your account to follow. We have speed options from Very Slow to Very Fast. The Pause Time what time gives you the option to select the time and the day your auto follow should pause and when it should continue. With Auto Follow Log you can see your log activities including the access to information of who your account has followed.

Auto Follow is a great tool that Musejet offers as part of your time-saving benefit package. The control over your following speed, pause time and auto log makes this feature highly practical and helpful. Why do it alone when you have Musejet that can take this burden off of you so that you can focus on what you do the best!

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