Instagram Auto Unfollow

Auto unfollow has multiple features. It allows you to schedule the unfollow of the accounts that you are already following. You can also set the time and the speed rate of the unfollow to save you time and effort.

White List

Include the usernames that you don’t want to unfollow

Schedule Actions

The action allows to pause and run the unfollowing tasks.

Source List

Set who you want to unfollow from the source list

Activity Log

Check who your account has unfollowed and other log activities.

Instagram Auto Unfollow Tool

Unfollowing is part of the hassle that makes you busy with managing your growth on Instagram. Musejet allows you to set who you want to unfollow. Our system lets you decide to unfollow those who don’t follow you back, unfollow accounts followed by via Musejet Auto-follow; and set a white-list of users not to auto unfollow.

However in order to unfollow safely, we do not promise to auto unfollow thousands of accounts in one day. The auto unfollow timing is not random with us. Musejet programs that timing in accordance with the best Instagram practices. To benefit your safe unfollowing we have a wide range of timing options. Our system allows you to unfollow 24 — 192 accounts a day.

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